Followup Cooperation Between US Top Universities & USTC

  • [2013-01-18]

    Followup Cooperation Between US Top Universities & USTC


    From Jan 7th to 9th, USTC President HOU Jianguo led a delegation to visit Stanford University, Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They came to enhance the academic cooperation and finally reached agreement about inter-university collaborations on specific programs. 

    On Jan 7th, the delegation arrived Stanford and received warmly welcome by President John Hennessy. The two sides reviewed the three years progress since last meeting and highlighted Stanford-USTC-MIT Summer Campus (SUM), joint engineering courses and shale gas development research cooperation between Stanford and USTC. Dr. Hennessy spoke highly of the SUM program and looked foward to his future return visit. 

    Fig 1: President John Hennessy (left) and HOU Jianguo (middle) talks about cooperation./ Courstesy of USTC

    The delegation visited Princeton on 8th.The two universities shared a lot in common: small scale but renowned reputation in specific subjects. President Shirley M. Tilghman held great confidence for the prospect of the Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Fusion Energy and Plasma Science (CICAFEPS). The delegation also visited Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and exchanged ideas with the scientists there. 

    Fig 2: President Tilghman (left) signs agreement with HOU (right). / Courtesy of USTC

    On 9th, the delegation discussed with MIT  on further wide cooperation after SUM program. They show more interesting in the famous MIT Media Lab.

    Fig 3: MIT President L. Rafael Reif welcomes HOU. / Courtesy of USTC 

    During this period, the delegation also introduced the recent development of USTC to alumni in San Francisco and Boston respectively and invited them to join USTC to build a world-class university.

    Fig 4 & 5 : The delegation and USTC Alumni in San Francisco and Boston. / Courtesy of USTC 



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